One (1995)
24 May 2017

City Arts Centre, Dublin, September, 1995.

‘Even in the sweetest embrace the lover asserts a sense of solitude.’

Relationships play a significant role in our identities and are at the very core of our existence. They are complex, multifaceted, full of harmonies, desires, hopes, dreams, successes and failures. Such dualities, which also inform this work, are perhaps best encapsulated by the keywords devotion and sacrifice.

The exhibition touches on these opposites often by using inversion: the string with which we link ourselves is strong but also incredibly fragile. We are bound through our mouths by or words, our kisses that are simple wooden X’s but can also be crosses. The public nature of relationships is made private by encasing small-scaled images in the form of an intimate photographic diary, while private performances are made overtly public by use of large-scale images.