Everywhere I’ve Been (2019)

Sometime at the beginning of 2018, or maybe just before that and certainly not after – it’s difficult to remember and possibly not that important – I started to actively re-use 35mm Black and White film in a return of sorts to where I began in my picture making. Starting with a small autofocus Ricoh lead to a fond re-union with my old M4 and it felt, for that is an accurate description, like an attempt to connect with a core of a self, thought to have vanished at a period when I felt quite barren, as if I had gone through some form of late menopause.

The films accumulated themselves in the fridge awaiting their latent transformation and the image making felt intuitive and highly subjective in an objective way. This lead me to start looking back at a largely unexplored repository of what might be considered an archive of looking through that small rectangular window. This book dummy view is a first take of mostly recent virgin photographs but occasionally an older work has slipped in between the covers like a purposeful ghost. One hopes.