Zero (1995)
24 May 2017

EVA – Limerick City Art Gallery, February, 1995.

‘A stranger has come to share my room in the house not right in the head.’

Despite a joint authorship label, this work is frequently assumed to be the work of an artist and a photographer collaborating together. This is incorrect. Our work is not a collaboration, it is a communion i.e. a coming together, a sharing process, an exchanging of ideas, thoughts, feelings.

The photographic work is based on a public ‘documentary’ aspect and a more private ‘staged’ process that is the results of an on going dialogue consisting of what we term ‘private performances’ (unchoreographed, spontaneous distillations of real experiences, performed for ‘our’ camera). Found/acquired objects are also an important part of the creative process as they act as a bridge between the two photographic practices.